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Pittsburgh Tennis Lessons Profile (412)498-8762 Tennis Lessons Pittsburgh

Tennis Lessons Pittsburgh Profile (412)498-8762

About Me

Hi, my name is Chuck and I teach tennis lessons in the Pittsburgh area. I am a laid back teacher that can accommodate any level player from high level/performance player to beginner student. You can achieve a great workout from my lessons or if you prefer can dial it down to tailor your fitness level and style.

I not only teach the basics, but more advanced concepts like doubles and singles positioning and strategy, match focus/control, developing a powerful and consistent serve. These are all important skills for development at any level of the game.

My rates are $40 a lesson or value price package of 5 lessons for $195.

call 412-498-8762 or email:

Student Feedback


Hi Chuck, I thought that yesterday’s session with you was very beneficial for me because it helped me improve on my strokes so that I could become a better player. I look forward to my next lesson and hope to learn new ways to be better on the court.

Panari P. – August 27, 2018

Chuck is an awesome coach! He is very patient in teaching the technique and correcting me when I make mistakes while learning.

Krishna K. – August 16, 2017

I am very happy with what I’ve learned and how my game has improved. Chuck really has an eye to spot what you do right or wrong and adjusting. Moreover, he has his own way to explain technique and demonstrate different kinds of shots, which makes even sophisticated moves seem easy. He teaches state of the art technique and things he has learned from his own experience and each single piece of advice he has given me has made perfect sense to me and has resulted in more effective shots. Finally, he is good at motivating students, flexible with scheduling, always on time and fun to interact with.

Isabella S. – May 28, 2015

Chuck is very knowledgeable about strokes and can adapt well to the individual learner. I had learned in high school and played to my mid-20’s but dropped it when life got in the way. While I “remembered” the 3 basic strokes, I had also remembered poor stroke techniques. He is using methods to aid me in correcting these mistakes. At the same time, he is giving me great ideas to improve a rather unorthodox serve without insisting I change it drastically. He is prompt, and is adaptable to finding public courts. I recommend Chuck!

Colette S. – June 29, 2015

My 5 year-old girl improves her skill quickly with Chuck. He is a very patient and reliable coach, and he is very much familiar with local courts.

Denise L. – October 14, 2015

My 11 year daughter had multiple lessons with Chuck last spring/summer. He was very patient with her and great at explaining things to her. She gained a good foundation and started working on proper form/moves. Chuck was very flexible with the timing of lessons and was always on time. Would recommend him to others looking for tennis lessons.

Amy N. – February 2, 2016

Chuck is very patient with my 5 year girl. Made sure my little girl kept a good energy level in the 60 minute session which is hard for little kids. Chuck knows every single court in Pittsburgh and their maintenance situation and cost. A responsible and reliable coach.

Denise L. – February 3, 2016

My game improved drastically after taking just a few lessons. After a whole summer of weekly lessons with Chuck, I feel more confident with my shots and I am better able to diagnose my own mistakes when something goes wrong. Chuck has a good way to explain how to correct your posture etc and he also experiments with different ways of teaching the strokes, so that he can best meet you where you are. I definitely recommend him!

Isabella S. – February 5, 2016

Wilson Park Tennis Courts
Poplar St.
Greentree, PA 15220

Greentree Tennis Courts
Sheldon Ave
Greentree, PA 15220

Clever Park
115 Robinson Pool Dr
McKees Rocks, PA 15136

Settlers Cabin Park Tennis
1225 Greer Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Schenley Park Tennis Courts
Overlook Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

East Liberty Tennis Courts
Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Mellon Park Tennis Bubble
Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

Tennis Lessons Pittsburgh (412)498-8762 Value Priced Tennis Lessons

Pittsburgh Tennis Lessons (412)498-8762